Dnetians are happily learning about building effective connections and professional network during the learning session titled “Rock and Roll: It's your Stage” by Ms. Sumala Chowdhury, Director and COO, Tiger Tours Ltd.

Building effective connections and professional network

Published on: 06 Apr, 2017

As a part of continuous improvement of our skills, Dnet's People and Culture arranged a training session titled "Rock and Roll" It's your stage", which was conducted by Ms. Sumala Chowdhury, Director and COO of Tiger Tours. Ltd.

Dnetians gathered and learned about networking, personal presentation, growing personal networks, importance of growing personal networks, techniques and approaches to be natural at it and how to enjoy the time spent while also being productive. In the modern world, communication is key and everything around us moves very fast.

The session was a fun-filled experience for all as they learned from a person who has vast experience in traveling and tourism and also meeting a lot of people in the process. The act of interaction and building connection with another person is an art. This art is beautiful and as a professional, learning more about this art will help at both personal and professional levels. There were laughter, humor, chat and QA sessions during the training and one thing for sure which happened in the end, everyone smiled.


4/8 Humayun Road, Block-B, Mohammadpur, Dhaka 1207, Bangladesh

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